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Nigerian Wedding at the Decorium | Bunmi + Tosho

Not that I write a lot, but I think I’m done writing about weddings, so after today I’ll be posting just photos. Afterall as a photographer I’m supposed to tell these stories with pictures … That’s what I’m paid to do. But then, of course there are always stories behind every wedding … Of course it’s always a beautiful day. Even if there’s a thunderstorm outside, it still is, at least for the couple. Of course there’ll be a beautiful bride, an amazing wedding gown and a lovely venue. Of course things may go wrong, get delayed, get lost, people may get mad, shout fight, get drunk, fall down, but while they are all part of what makes the day special, my photography is about the beautiful things that made it special, which I and all the other vendors try to bring about regardless of any chaos that may be going on behind the scenes.

So for whats likely the last time: Here are a few of my favourites from the pretty Bunmi with the lovely smile and Tosho’s Nigerian, but vintage themed wedding, on a beautiful sunny (but slightly cold) day at the lovely Decorium in North London.

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nigerian wedding at the decorium


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