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First post of the year: My 101 in 1001

A bit late for a first post of the year, but still, rather late than never. Anyway, this year for some reason I decided against making any New Year resolutions (which of course I never keep), and decided to go with the 101 in 1001 list … the mother of all lists. Basically it’s a list of things you should do in the next 1001 days to make your life or career better.

Half the reason I haven’t blogged this year is that I wanted this to be my first blog of the year, and apparently I sort of underestimated how long it’ll take to compose the list. However it’s now done and I’m happy to be able to post it, as one photographer colleague said; in the interest of accountability and public humiliation.

For each of the tasks accomplished, I will of course update and blog about it, and after 1001 days blog a full review of how well or badly I did.

1 Write a 1 year business plan.
2 Make a series of photo painting combines, 12-15 images.
3 Improve my website and blog search engine optimization.
4 Reach 2000 fans for my FB fan page.
5 Develop a new client welcome kit for brides.
6 Furiously and persistently torment all my debtors till they pay me
7 Actively seek ways of reducing my work hours while earning more
8 Quit drinking coke
9 Learn Salsa, or some other similar dance
10 Teach my boy how to speak fluent Ibo
11 Take a course in marketing
12 Join or start a charity drive for something close to my heart
13 Go skydiving
14 Become an expert in SEO
15 Learn how to make isi ewu
16 Take a course in advanced Photoshop
17 Enter a WPJA contest, or another photo print contest.
18 Make a family portrait.
19 Pay off my credit cards.
20 Spend a whole day playing video games.
21 Complete Project 365. Take a photo a day for a year. Blog it.

From my 365 Flickr project … today’s image I think …. list continues after the jump.


22 Back up ALL files currently not protected to an offsite location.
23 Attend a photography workshop by someone I truly admire
24 Do something charitable with my photography.
25 Attend a WPPI convention.
26 Do the £1 savings plan for the entire 1001 days.
27 Create a system to record and keep track of clients’ anniversaries.
28 Design an anniversary card to send to clients.
29 Draft a plan for improving my portrait photography business
30 Buy a new bigger car
31 Get myself a new DSLR
32 Buy and seriously start working out with a cross trainer
33 Draw up a plan and start effective marketing of destination weddings
34 Create an engagement session only photography section for my business
35 Start a proper investment account
36 Start shooting destination weddings
37 Shoot the cover of a national magazine
38 Spend two weekends a year while home without touching the internet or email.
39 Improve the posing of my bridal party group shots
40 Post on a photography forum at least once a month
41 Update the bio page of my website with new photos of me yearly
42 Get a Musee sample album done through Queensberry & start offering them to clients
43 Write and photograph and publish a book
44 Speak at a conference or seminar
45 Blog every week in 2011
46 Travel to a foreign country to photograph for a charity
47 Take a workshop with a photographer I admire
48 Mentor a novice photographer
49 Published in Destination I Do
50 Go to Asia on a photo trip
51 Get printed products made – brochures
52 Get a blog with bigger photos on it
53 Find a software package for clients
54 Take Golf Lessons
55 Figure out a way to get customer Feedback/Survey
56 Market for more destination weddings
57 Shoot a band cover
58 Get involved in a small group at my church
59 Spend more time with my wife
60 Win at least one WPJA award.
61 Update my wardrobe.
62 Improve packaging of my products.
63 Buy a new Mac Pro
64 Take my French lessons a bit more serious
65 Take up kick boxing lessons
66 Read 10 books to improve my photography skills.
67 Read 10 books to improve my business skills.
68 Save 10% of everything I earn in 2011.
69 Learn how to really give a massage
70 Improve product packaging once again
71 Bring my personality out website/blog — blog something personal once a month
72 Give images to the vendors I work with featuring their work for use in their marketing
73 Buy a Raid based back up storage system
74 Learn how to ride a power bike
75 Buy a power bike
76 Write with only black pens.. Don’t even know why blue ones were ever made
77 Add boudoir photography to my services
78 Visit 6 European countries I haven’t been to yet.
79 Book at least 40 weddings in a year.
80 Reorganize the labels on all photos in lightroom.
81 Buy a fisheye lens.
82 Visit the national Portrait museum.
83 Be a vendor at a bridal fair.
84 Shoot the streets of New York
85 Buy the 70-200mm f/2.8 L mark 2 lens.
86 Get published.
87 Get some really large acrylic photo prints made.
88 Become accepted into WPJA.
89 Improve on, and eventually hold an exhibition of my street photography
90 Hire the fastest car I can, and fly down the Autobahn 81 between Stuttgart and Bodensee
91 Open a photo studio
92 Shoot a portrait of an A list celebrity, or a popular footballer or something
93 Do something every single day to improve my photography skills
94 Do something every single week to improve my photography marketing
95 Take out time to study wines
96 Ring my mum every single Sunday for a year (at least)
97 Learn how to edit movies
98 Get myself a new Mac Desktop
99 Do a photo tour of the UK
100 Put 101 in 1001 list on blog. Blog about each item when completed.
101 Take this list serious, and update it every year

So there it is ….

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  • Love love stole… i mean love and stole, your list. This is great! Thanks for putting in the hard work and sharing it. I need to make my own list and put it on my blog for humiliation. =) Thanks again!

  • ObiJune 9, 2011 - 11:12 am

    Feel free to use it, that’s partly why its been shared. Its great to have stuff to work towards.