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A bit about our wedding photography style.


Wedding Photography Styles

There are several defferent styles of wedding photography, the main ones being: Traditional, Journalistic, Fashion, and Fine Art wedding photography.

Traditional wedding photography is more formal in nature. The photographer is fully involved in directing the day. Pictures are generally static, and there are lots of portraits and posed shots.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is more editorial. The photographer tends to have very little interaction with the guests during the day. He or she allows the day to flow naturally, while capturing moments as they happen, he tells the story as he sees it without being obtrusive. This is the so called ‘fly-on-the wall’ approach.

Fashion wedding photography is more creative in its presentation. It’s normally quite common in big cities, where dramatic city backgrounds, artificial lighting, fashion poses and extensive post production give the images that slick magazine look.

Fine art wedding photography, on the other hand is more interesting in that it sort of embodies a bit of the styles above, but with added creativity. They tend to have a warm airy and artistic finish. Ordinary scenes and images tend to look extraordinarily beautiful here.


Our Style

While we are primarily wedding photojournalists, we are very comfortable with all styles and tend to add a bit of each to our wedding photography. We will get a bit traditional if you need formal portraits, we’ll also do some fashion for some of your portraits. With your details, we’ll get artsy, and then generally be photojournalists for most of the day. However we are heavily biased towards fine art and photojournalism, that’s why we prefer to call ourselves fine art wedding photojournalists.

Of course each couple and each wedding is different, so each story will be told differently. The couple, the location, the guests, the music, the ambience, the decor, the mood, all come into play, and for each wedding we’ll tap into all those factors to create a bunch of amazing images that’s uniquely yours.

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  • Richard VeynaJune 14, 2012 - 1:41 pm

    I am a photographer in Los Angeles. I really admire you talent and sense of style. Good luck on reaching your goals, you seem to be inspired and I hope you all of the best.